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See How Laser Shooting Practice Makes You a Better Shooter, without the Bang or the Buck!

See How Laser Shooting Practice Makes You a Better Shooter, without the Bang or the Buck!

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The BANG BOX makes shooting sounds like the real thing!

Trap Shooters Love the Trigger Switch, a MUST for Shooters with Anodized Gun Trigger Parts!

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More women are having fun these days in the shooting sports.  Check out the G.R.I.T.S. group -- there may be one in your area or you may want to join the organization and start a local group yourself!

Newtown, CT Videographer Bill Cafarelli captured the springtime antics of a red fox family (Mom, Dad and 4 pups/kits) that had selected our backyard shed as their den. The pups, probably about 4-5 weeks old when we first noticed them, appeared at least twice, sometimes three times a day, from under the shed to feed and suckle Mom and to get their exercise, romping around on the lawn and between the daffodils in the nearby flower garden.  Mom would usually be with them, watching out for intruders and assuring their safety, while Dad might venture off to the fields or forest to snare the day's protein or to the bird and squirrel feeding zone outside our daughter Chris's bedroom window to scoff up the black oil sunflower seeds.  

Gretel, our Drathaar (German Wirehaired Pointer), often sensed their presence before we did and immediately went into hunting mode, making the weirdest primal-like noises and racing from window to window in a frenzy, hoping that someone, anyone, would appreciate her hunting instincts and let her out of the house to fulfill her basest needs! 

The Red Fox Family entertained Gretel and us for about 3 weeks before they left their home under our shed and went elsewhere!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we wanted to share a few moments of our backyard joy with you. Bill Cafarelli condensed a 2 hour backyard spectacle into a 2 minute video, allowing us to share the most interesting moments of our Fox Family's adventures. He also included the photogenic male Wood Duck and the Great Blue Heron that appeared in our backyard pond at the same time the foxes were enjoying their fun. He didn't get photos of the nesting Mallard Duck that was totally camouflaged on an island in our pond (and only about 30 feet from the shed!!!) or the mating Turkeys that were also part of the scene at various times during our Fox Watch, but with a little imagination you can envision them as part of the backyard fauna entertainment!


Bob and Jeanne Foege

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