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Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

The Ultimate Practice Shooting System

California Quail Hunter lauds the Laser Shooting

Your system really helps those of us who live in an urban area. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and the only gun clubs are outside the area, and I can get there once a month at best.  Your system allows me to have convenient,  effective practice at home without having to travel or fire the shotgun.

This last weekend here in California was the quail opener.  And due to the good rain we had, the quail numbers were up.  I have kept my Laser shooter mounted on my shotgun while it is in the gun cabinet to                 make it easier to access and practice more often.  I set up the LaserPro on top of the cabinet to also make that convenient.  So I usually practice 2-3 times a week on my pointing and wing shooting.  Sometimes in the evening  I take them into my back yard and project the LaserPro onto my neighbors house to practice more distance and accuracy. (So far he hasn’t noticed).  


So I was excited to go out early on Saturday morning hoping to get a few.  Well I showed up right about at shooting time and went into the hills.   After working the first covey I had 4 birds.  The limit here is 10.  By 9:00 am  I had my very first Limit of quail.  Now what am I supposed to do the rest of the day?  So I had to pluck and gut 10 birds and was still done before noon.  So I ended up going home and the wife put me to work.  I am going to have to lay off all the practice to get the hunting day to last a day or talk to the department of fish and game and get them to increase the limit.  Either way I have more work to do.

Your system really works.  The quail I hunt have a lot of cover/trees and you only have 1-2 seconds to get the shot.  Your system got me away from aiming and into instinctive shooting which made all the                 difference.  I am 53 yrs old and am shooting better than the young guns.

Thanks and best wishes:



Your System Addresses Everything, from Gun Fit to Practice

Hi Bob,

Thanks for expediting my new shotgun training system.

It arrived yesterday!! Put the laser on the charger. Read the

literature. Am guessing that I should put the main unit – attached

to tripod – on the floor.

Thanks for installing the batts in the muzzle unit.

Your language is very clear. I will avoid direct eye contact with the

lasers. Would have jumped on it, late last night. But got caught up

on some overdue work.

I am thinking that my priority in joining a gun club with a 100 yard range

to double check my new muzzleloader and other two deer rifles is more

important than looking for a club which combines big bore with shotgun


Your system should suit my needs. I am a “Pa’tridge” hunter. But not so

much a clubby type, or into formulated shotgun games. With your system,

I get to pick my practice sessions, on my time.

Speak to you, soon, Bob. You have designed a system which addresses

everything, from proper gun fit, to the practice-sequence.




September 2018


Califique ala Final (Qualified for the Final)

Los productos me gustaron mucho. He practicado y mi nivel de tiro ha subido. Espero que esta temporada gane trofeos - el fin de semana pasada califique al final.  

Hoy tuve competencia, quede en cuarto lugar. No califique al final, tengo que practicar más con tus productos, me han servido mucho. Ahora se lo que tengo que hacer para tirar mejor.




Miguel's Trophy

Miguel's Trophy

Like Having a Professional Instructor at Your Disposal


I can’t say enough about my purchase of the Laser Shooter & Pro along with the Wobbler. My score easily increased 30 to 40 percent after only practicing one week with the system. I would highly recommend this Shooting System to anyone who wants to improve their score in Trap or Sporting Clays. It’s like having a professional instructor at your disposal without the high cost of a private lesson.

Thanks again,


LaserPro on Wobbler Helps Practice Trap and Sporting Clays Targets

LaserPro on Wobbler Helps Practice Trap and Sporting Clays Targets

Swing Became Smoother, Timing Sharper


I began using the LaserShooter/LaserPro during the second week of our ten week Winter Skeet League. I am by no means a great skeet shooter. After two frustrating weeks of breaking sub-40 scores (out of 50) I immediately began seeing improvements. The LaserShooter immediately enabled me to see flaws in my gun fit, swing and stance that needed correction. My first 3 week's average was a 38 out of 50. Within just two weeks of working with the LaserShooter/LaserPro, my average had improved by 3 birds to a 41. Upon conclusion of the league, my average for the last 5 weeks had climbed to a 45 out of 50, including several straights. This was accomplished using the LaserShooter 3 nights a week for 20-30 minutes at a time. My swing became noticeably smoother, my timing sharper. Gun fit was easily adjusted to accommodate winter apparel. All done in a recoil free environment and without incurring 4-5 boxes of ammo costs per session. I continue to use the LaserShooter/LaserPro today and will report more once the sporting clays season hits full swing.

Al Peterson

Skeet Chairman

Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association

Newtown, CT

Al also suggested that we improve our advertising to highlight more reasons to use our Ultimate Practice Shooting System, including:

 -  Visually exposes flaws in gun fit, mount and swing (all costing several times the amount of the 

          unit from professional help)

 -  Recoil-free practice

 -  Builds muscle memory

 -  Improves timing

 -  Visually train different shooting techniques such as pull away, sustained lead and swing through

 -  Simulates all major target presentations

 -  Economical — less than 2 month payback, assuming three 100 shot sessions/week

 -  Share it amongst family, friends and club members! 

 -  Testimonials

LaserShooter and LaserPro See Flaws in Gun Fit, Swing and Stance

LaserShooter and LaserPro See Flaws in Gun Fit, Swing and Stance

Uses LaserShooter for Multiple Purposes

I have been using your laser shooter for almost a year now. I really enjoy the practice that it gives me. It helps me stay familiar with my shotgun(s) and helps develop muscle memory for proper gun mount and swing technique. It has been especially useful in helping me with the adjustable stocks on my shotguns. With the help of the laser shooter I have been able to see where the point of impact is for each gun and adjust the stock so that the gun is shooting where I am looking. The laser shooter is also a great tool to use when introducing new shooters to the shooting sports game. It helps in fitting the gun to the shooter so that the gun is shooting where they are looking which gives them success much earlier.

Greg N

Warren, PA

LaserShooter with 12, 20, 28 and 410 Inserts

LaserShooter with 12, 20, 28 and 410 Inserts

Does Your Gun Fit?  Shooting at a Stationary Target, You Can See if Exactly Where You're Shooting

Checked Out All His Shotguns with LaserShooter

The shooting club I belong to owns The Ultimate Practice Shooting System that they loan out to members. I was able to check out all of my shotguns at home with this device to confirm that I was shooting where I was looking. I was able to adjust two of my guns that have adjustable combs to where they needed to be and the auto loaders with shim systems could be likewise adjusted. I would recommend anyone in the stock fitting or gun sales business to consider the many uses this product provides. I recently purchased a shotgun from a dealer who had the laser system and found that the gun was right on the money as far as where I was looking.


July 29.2016

Skeet Scores Improved Dramatically

I just want to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the Ultimate Shooting System. Over the last couple of months since using the system my skeet scores have improved dramatically. I was stuck in the 18-19 rut consistently until…. The Ultimate Shooting System. My confidence, target acquiring, and gun mounting improvement directly affected my scores. I am now banging 23-25 each round. Just a couple of minutes a night has given me the muscle memory and fluid mounting motion for better target acquiring and tracking. I would recommend this system to anybody that is a serious shooting enthusiast.

Thanks again.

Michael Troyer

Nov. 8, 2011

Wingshooter -- Better than Ever!

Dear Bob,

The use of your ultimate practice shooting system has made a tremendous difference to my shooting capabilities over the last two years. I am now 57years old, and a few years back my shooting started deteriorating, both at the range and during hunting. I suspect that changes in eye dominance may have been involved. Two years ago I started using your system on an almost daily basis, just a few minutes each time. Gradually, my skills have improved, and now I am a better wingshooter than I ever was when I was younger. This year I had triple hits when going grouse hunting (I use a semiauto with 3 shots capacity) for the first time. What a feeling 🙂 And my season total has tripled these last two years, with respect to both grouse and waterfowl. I believe that the regular training, using your laser system, is a major part of the reason for this improvement. It has made me both more accurate and faster.


Kristian M. Lien


Jan. 2016

California Enthusiast Now SMOKING Targets!

Dear Jeanne and Bob,

Greetings from the other side! (California) I have been around shotguns mostly all of my life. While the U.S. Olympic Team has never asked me to try out, I do have enough skill to hit the broad side of a barn and then some. When I first called, I only wanted the laser pointer, but Bob muscled me into the White Lightning projector. I have had them for about two weeks. Aside from being fun, they are highly convenient. I am a Republican and we don’t do well with complicated set-up. This device is simple and works in the living room. For not even ten minutes practice per day, I have become exponentially better on our local clays course. The Skeet chokes have been pulled out and the Imp/Mod are in so that I can see a puff of smoke rather than broken pieces.

I am not breaking or cracking targets, I am smoking them off the face of the earth! I cannot wait for the Waterfowl season to open. I am not a shooting sensei, but I am guessing that the combination of target movement off the White Lightning unit and the trigger wire on the laser pointer give you undeniable feedback on what you need to do. You just can’t ignore what you see with your own eyes. You get a change of mindset that goes from “Am I going to hit the target?” to “The weapon needs to point HERE!” just before you pull the trigger. You get a more sophisticated sight picture and lose concern for where the weapon is pointed. We’ll be talking about the Wobbler soon! [These devices] are brilliantly simple and undeniably effective.

Best Personal Regards, 

Thomas C. Watts III

LaserShooter and LaserPro ESSENTIAL


Thanks for standing behind your product. I now consider my LaserPro and LaserShooter to be essential to my practice routine. I feel my sense of timing stays sharp with 10-15 minutes a day practice. Thanks again.

George in WI

Training Boy Scouts Indoors with the Ultimate Practice Shooting System Results in Success on Range

Boy Scouts Mastered Shooting Basics with Smiles and Confidence

Thought you guys would like to hear (and see) some feedback on the Laser Pro and the Remington 870 Blue Gun with Laser that I recently purchased. We had an annual “Merit Badge University” session with our Boy Scout Council last week and offered the classroom portion of the Rifle & Shotgun merit badge.

We used the Laser Pro and the Blue Gun in the shotgun class and it was a hit! We had 30 Scouts go through the Shotgun session and our plan was to work on the fundamentals in the classroom and have the Scouts complete as much as they could on the Merit Badge worksheet.

The class was hosted at a local high school, so we thought twice about bringing real firearms into the classroom. The Laser Pro made it all come together for the Scouts when they practiced the shotgun shooting fundamentals. I was uncertain whether the investment would really pay off, yet after watching the Scouts connect the dots, I was sold. Almost every Scout was routinely mastering the swing, pulling the trigger at the right moment, and continuing with the follow through.

The end result? Every single boy consistently lined up the lasers and would have been breaking birds left and right had we really been shooting. The smiles and the confidence demonstrated by each Scout made it all worthwhile.

I probably put 50+ Scouts per year through the Shotgun merit badge and we typically spend a lot of time on the range. I’m going to incorporate this system into all future classes in an effort to better prepare the shooters for the range portion. Success on the range is what is going to bring these Scouts back to the range and keep them in the sport. I’d recommend the Laser Pro & Blue Gun to any instructor. (I’m also going to spend time improving my skills with the Laser Pro…!).

Thanks for the fast shipping and quick turn-around.

Dan Brewster
Boy Scout Leader
Elgin, IL

12 Year Old Mastered the Basics Quickly


I spent a pleasant couple of hours Sunday evening teaching a friend’s 12 year old son about shotgunning. Your Basic Ultimate Practice System was a big part of the instruction and I was truly amazed at how quickly this kid mastered the basics of mounting his gun and swinging through the moving laser generated target. By the time we were done Sunday evening, this kid looked as if he had been born with a shotgun in his hands. Perhaps he is a child shooting prodigy, or maybe I’m a better instructor than I thought, but I believe the lion’s share of our success belongs to your laser training system. Plus, the kid really had a great time using your system. It made the learning process kinetic and fun for him. I believe your system is a much better way to introduce a new shooter to shotgunning than to have the person simply start shooting at clay targets with live ammunition. Your system offers the necessary elements for learning to shoot a shotgun (a moving target and feedback on where the gun is actually pointed relative to the target) without the distraction of the noise and recoil. Also, I believe the lack of a sense of urgency about breaking an actual target allows the student to acquire the basics much more quickly and less stressfully.

The boy’s gun mount was so good and his swing was so smooth by the time we were done that I am really looking forward now to shooting clay targets at the club with him next week. I am confident that having laid a proper gun handling foundation with your laser system, he will easily make the transition to breaking real targets. I should add that your system works well for experienced shooters, as well as beginners. I sometimes find my gun mount getting sloppy in the excitement of a grouse hunt, and early season when the leaves are still up and the limited visibility makes for very brief shooting opportunities, I find myself falling into a deplorable “stab and shoot” shooting style. A little practice with your system during the evenings in my 30′ Airstream trailer that is my grouse camp always helps to restore a proper gun mount and gets me back to a smooth swing when shooting.

Thanks for your wonderful laser training system.

Bob Danaher
November 2015

BEST Tool for Training New Shooters

I think this is the BEST tool to train a new shooter with. I got to use the Laser Friday night with one of our new shooters and I was amazed, literally, at the difference this tool makes. [Using the LaserShooter] I checked the point of impact and then put him on the target [using the LaserPro]. The target was moving from 3:00 to 9:00. He was holding his shotgun at the 6:00 position and lifting the gun straight up instead of tracking the target. After I explained the correct procedure for swinging the gun and putting “lead” on the target he started connecting with the laser dots and his reply was “Hey that’s a lot easier”. If I had not had this tool there is no telling how long he would have continued to mount and swing his gun incorrectly This was all the confirmation I needed and now I can’t wait to show other coaches and students how good this tool is.
My daughter was using it and she immediately noticed her swing was not smooth and the laser would ‘wobble’ up and down as she swung the gun from corner to corner along the ceiling. I corrected her stance and she could see the improvement immediately on the next swing.
This is the best tool I have ever used to show new shooters the basic concept of shooting a shotgun. You can tell them until your blue in the face but seeing the “writing on the wall”, so to speak, is all they need! Once you show them how to correct the problem and get them to practice it a few times it becomes second nature and they will remember it.

Mack Dyer

4-H Instructor

Atlanta, GA 

Practicing Doubles is Possible Using 2 LaserPros

Never Shot the Left & Right Crossers in Five Stand So Well -- EVER!

Hi Bob,

Just thought I’d drop you a note. I’ve shot trap for years and recently switched over to sporting clays. My club added a five stand course overlayed on a skeet field last year. So…I’ve been struggling for the last year to hit those fast left & right crossers.  I used your LaserShooter and LaserPro set on doubles to practice the lead. I drilled 2-3 times a day with that for the last 6 days. Last night was my first chance to try it out at the club.

Wow! In our 25 round five stand course we shoot at 3 targets from both the high & low skeet houses. So 12 chances in the two rounds I shot last night to see if the LaserPro practice had helped…I only missed one! Could not believe it. Not saying I’m an expert by no means…but I have not shot those two targets so well…ever!

Your system works. Thanks again for such a great product!


Jan. 12. 2012

Shooting Mistakes Discovered and Corrected

A couple months ago I bought your system, my eyes had changed and my Right eye became my ‘Master Eye’ again, after flash damage to it in Viet Nam. I’m right handed as I told you. I had spent years shooting with one eye closed because using a spot on my glasses to force my right eye to take over, gave me such a headache that I almost quit hunting. My shooting average in Trap was 7 to 10, mostly closer to the 7. In skeet I was a 3 to 5. I had various instructors, but nothing helped. No one could tell me what was wrong, yet when I was young I was an outstanding shotgun shooter, I started using a 410 at the age of 6, being raised on a farm in Ohio, this was quite normal. Also for deer hunting that was all we were allowed to use in the state, I used a 16 ga for years and never failed to get a deer.

Now to get down to why I’m writing, I have been practicing with your system since it arrived, at first every day about 10 to 15 min. each time. I found that my biggest problem, which no one had been able to recognize before, was I had my head too low on the stock, I was using the shotgun more as a rifle, which as we both know, is a definite ‘No, No’. Second major was I was stopping my follow through just before I squeezed the trigger, which is quite common and seems everyone does it to some extent or other. I practiced for two weeks before I went back out to the range, shot 2 rounds of Skeet and 2 rounds of Trap. Skeet Rd 1 – 10 Rd 2 – 15, Trap Rd 1 – 7 Rd 2 – 12. This past Monday I went out to the range ( I go every couple of weeks) and these were the results Skeet, Rd 1 – 17 Rd 2 – 21, Trap Rd 1 – 18 Rd 2 – 23. You are right in that the system shows you your mistakes and your errors, I still practice 3 to 4 times a week mostly to keep my hand in, the hardest part to learn, is to shoot again with both eyes open. I found that there are several ways to enhance your system to give you a more realistic view of the birds on your canvas. I took 2 pieces of 1/4” plywood (full size 4’ by 8’) and hinged them together. I mounted your canvas on them, I  then built an adjustable stand that I vary the degree of tilt from vertical to 60 degrees if I want. It gives the birds a more realistic flight pattern, especially in trap. Anyway, I wrote to Thank You for giving me back something that I’ve always loved to do, but been frustrated for years. It’s now enjoyable again to go shooting. My final test was I went to Mexico last weekend to a hunting ranch down there. They have almost unlimited hunting in quail and dove (and Rattle snakes). I used their guns (too much of a hassle to take mine), which I wasn’t used to, but I got the limit of 20 birds with 26 shots and 15 quail with 18 shots. I haven’t done that good since I was a kid.

Last but not least, I have recommended your system to several of my friends that I know are having troubles. I also have a couple that live close to me that come over a couple times a week to practice. We all have improved.

Pistolero PistoLaser

Pistolero is Cost Effective and User-Friendly

Dear Mr. Foege:

Approximately one year ago, I was at an antique gun show and saw the PISTOLERO kit on display. I had gotten away from league shooting and was considering getting back into it. However, as with everything practice is the key and convenience is also a huge factor in determining practice frequency. Muscle memory is critical to accuracy and is best achieved and maintained by practice with the actual pistol that you will be using in competition. The PISTOLERO is far more versatile than I had originally realized. In addition to being a bore sight for a variety of calibers, it is very helpful in sighting in my red-dot sight. It has also enabled me to increase my practice frequency by dry-fire practice within the comfort of my own home, thus leading to greater accuracy. An unexpected benefit from a year ago is its cost-effectiveness, it is great that the kit includes a number of different caliber sights and is very user-friendly. The lack of availability of .22lr ammunition coupled with its dramatically increased cost (shipping costs are also high because it is a heavy item) has made me seek any way I can to conserve on ammunition. The PISTOLERO enables me to do so and at a considerable cost savings. Dry-fire practice with the PISTOLERO not only helps with increased familiarity of the weight and trigger pull of the actual pistol that I use resulting in greater accuracy over time. As an NRA Certified Instructor, dry-fire practice is stressed to students as an excellent way to stay familiar with their handgun, and increase accuracy PISTOLERO enables such even for someone who does not belong to a range, or have a range convenient to them in terms of location or hours of availability.

I am very pleased with your product and highly recommend it.

NRA Certified Instructor, Pistol


Phenomenal Results Training Over 300 Students in NRA First Steps Classes

Dear Bob,

Thank you for returning my call so promptly. FYI, I have trained over 300 students using the Pistolero. I acquired your system several years ago after the beginners were unable to send the bullets into the bullseye. I cannot recall how I came about your system, I believe it was an NRA ad. The laser allows me to ensure they have the correct sight alignment and sight picture. Additionally, the students and observers can see the light as it jerks when the trigger is pulled. This is one of the most important aspects of the program and it is used to have them recognize what happens when the trigger is not squeezed. I do not allow them to transition to live fire until the light on the bullseye does not flinch. The results are phenomenal. Most of the classes are NRA First Steps. I am also using it for the Concealed Carry Classes to verify aiming and trigger squeeze.

In the next round of classes, I will make sure I send you photos of the students using your system.
Bert Rosado

Sanford, NC 



Boy Scout Leader Trains Scouts with Pistolero and 22 Caliber Rifle Converter  

Hi Bob,

We are having good teaching results with the Pistolero and 22caliber insert prior to taking the Scouts to the range for live fire. I have used the shotgun wire you provided and have taped it to a .22 bolt rifle. The wire is the one with a microswitch and we clip it to the trigger. I prefer no more than 8 scouts to a class depending on age, the younger the fewer for more attention. The scouts show up at the first 1-1/2 hour session and must have the rifle merit badge book and have downloaded and printed the Rifle Merit Badge Worksheet from the National website.

At the second session I have one side of the scout room set up as a range and have four targets on the wall at the furthest distance I can get, up to 50 feet. I have four prone positions with empty rifles and one bench position with the Pistolero equipped rifle and a Pistolero red target in front of the bench position zeroed in. We start the second session with a quick review of all the worksheet requirements and explain so the scouts can fill in what they didn’t have or did not understand. Then we move over to the range and teach the boys the prone position and how to use the rest. We go through the five fundamentals and have them dry fire with an emphasis on aiming and hold control. We try to get the boys to really understand the sight picture which is difficult for many. As my dad helpers work the boys in the prone position, I take the scouts most ready to the bench position with the Pistolero equipped rifle. I instruct them on the bench position and have them cock the bolt and take aim. When they say they have a good sight picture with the front blade at six o’clock on the bull I have them bring their finger to the trigger and press the laser microswitch. Now we see if they do have a good sight picture. Many are surprised at how far off they are. I have them correct and remind them of their points of contact for hold have them do breath control and squeeze the trigger.

The scouts that do not have the rifle firmly to their shoulder or a good cheek weld and/or jerk the trigger now see a dancing red laser on the target. Now we can teach the proper aim, breath control, hold control, trigger control, and follow through without live ammo and actually see if the scout is doing it. The scouts can see their mistakes. We rotate the scouts through the 22 caliber Pistolero position and have those that show understanding practice prone position dry fire. We finish up the session with a little home work for those who need it.

We have scheduled live fire at a local range for the weekend to have each scout qualify with five three shot groups that all shots can be covered or touched with a quarter, and then five – five shot groups that can be covered or touched with a quarter. For the third session we meet at the range early and review the range rules, safety rules, and the five fundamentals of rifle shooting. We then have the scouts hang their targets and start qualifying. On the first group I ran using the 22 caliber Pistolero we had good shooting from five of the seven scouts as they finished both shooting requirements very quickly with minimum shots. Just outstanding results because of the Pistolero dry fire exercise during the second session! We could see and correct their errors with the Pistolero that we wouldn’t have seen until we were at the range during live fire. We were now able to give the two scouts having difficulty more time and got them qualified as well. We had two hours of donated time for two lanes at the range and got finished in that period of time. I am sure we would have had to schedule more live fire range time for the scouts to shoot qualifying scores if it were not for the use of the Pistolero.

Thank you for setting me up with the long wire and microswitch trigger clip. It works great!

Bob Walter

Color-coded Pistolero PistoLaser Inserts:  45ACP (Gold), 9mm (Red), 44 MAG (Green), 22LR (Silver)

Color-coded Pistolero PistoLaser Inserts:  45ACP (Gold), 9mm (Red), 44 MAG (Green), 22LR (Silver)

Shotgun Combo Gauge and BoreMaster

Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension  & Magnet & 2 Drop Meters Mounted on Gun for Hands-Free Measuring

Versatile and Great Tools


I use the Combo Gauge quite often in my shop. It’s ideal for stock work both when measuring existing stocks or when setting up or modifying new stocks. I also use my BoreMaster frequently. I know of no other single tool that will enable me to measure so many different barrel features ranging from wall thickness, to bore and chamber diameter, to choke constriction.  It is amazingly versatile. These are great tools!

Reid Coffield

Author and Master Gunsmith


Light, Transportable and Convenient, Permanently With Me


This email is without question a long long time overdue – but well done on your shotgun combo gauge. This – as, no doubt, you are fully aware – is an excellent product and quite ideal for its intended purpose.

I have had mine now for many years – light, transportable and convenient, it is almost permanently with me; it lives in my truck and is transported every day directly to the shooting ground.

Gun fitting should be a dynamic process and so often gun information is required there and then to provide the necessary information to progress and experiment. Traditionally, of course, detailed measurement is conducted formally in the gun room or workshop. Your combo gauge lets me take that gunroom information into the field, where, arguably it is of most use to the active gun fitter – well done!

Having measured – literally – many hundreds (probably thousands) of gun stocks over the years it is time to refresh and replace; wear-and-tear does take its toll after all, and with field use there’s inevitably abuse however much a thing is valued!

Could you please advise the best way of obtaining a new gauge here in the UK? Do you ship direct?



Glenzier Sporting

United Kingdom