Gun Magnets

Disk Gun Magnet


Made from Neodymium, these 42mm Rare Earth Magnets are extremely strong.   Magnet supports  25 lbs. of vertical weight, more than the weight of any of your guns. 

Hide Handgun under bedstand


Attach the DISK Magnet (with the provided screw) to the inside of your bedstand, under a counter, on a wall, in a closet, or in your vehicle and your gun will be secure, hidden and readily accessible — no one but you will know it’s there.

disk magnet holds shotgun

Magnets are extremely strong and support  25 lbs. of vertical weight.

Shotgun hangs from Disk Magnet screwed into ceiling rafter.   

Hook Magnet


The Hook Magnets will work on ferromagnetic materials only and not on aluminum, polymer and some stainless steels.

Hook Magnet in Gun Safe


By attaching the HOOK Magnets to the inside of your gun safe door, you can hang your handguns so that they are easy to see and to access, and make efficient use of space normally not used.   

Gun Rests

Classic Wood Gun Rest

Wood Gun Rest

Plastic Gun Rest

Plastic Gun Rest with Compartments for cleaning supplies or tools

Gun Fitter's Case

Gun Fitter's Case

Classic Wood Gun Rest

Simple, sturdy and portable, our Classic Wood Gun Rest will hold your gun for easy measuring with the Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension. 

Plastic Gun Rest with Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension

In addition to using our Plastic Gun Rest as a rest, you can also use it to store your gun cleaning supplies or some of our training and gunfitting tools (LaserShooter, LaserPro, BoreMaster) in the compartments at the base of the rest. 


Gun Fitter's Case has 2 Yokes for measuring your shotguns and is great for storing and transporting all of your gunfitting or shotgun training tools. 

Gun Grease


Operating a break open gun without lubricating the hinge and wearing parts is like running your car engine without oil.  Our BEST GUN GREASE protects the hinge and hinge surfaces of your guns and coating the bearing surfaces will add years to their life.  It is simply the best you can use and meets the NLG12 spec. The supplied application brush makes it easy to get into the action parts while leaving your hands clean.  The 4 oz jar will last the average gunner a lifetime.

The photos below demonstrate the areas of your gun to which the Gun Grease can be applied.

Gun Wipes -- Pads & Gloves

Gun Wipes are made of 100% lambskin.

Our OLDE ENGLISH BEST GUN WIPE PADS and GLOVE are made of 100% lambskin.  Three Gun Wipes are available:

  • 5" x 5" Pads
  • 5" x 10" Pads
  • One Size Fits All Glove 


Moistened with your favorite gun oil, the Gun Wipes will help keep your gun in tiptop condition, helping to prevent rust and providing a beautiful sheen to your guns.     

Gun Wipes - Private Label for quantity orders.

Gun Wipes can be private labelled in quantity orders.  Must call to order and review private labelling requirements.

Call to Order:  203-270-1400

Wad Wacker

The Wad Wacker removes stuck wads from your gun.

The Wad Wacker removes stuck wads from your shotgun. 

Wad Wacker removes stuck wads from your gun.

Insert the Wad Wacker into the end of the muzzle and shake the gun up and down vigorously in a vertical direction.  Wad will pop out.  

Wad Wacker compared to shotgun shells.

Wad Wacker compared to 2 shotgun shells.

Shotgun Weathervane


Built to last, our L.C. Smith Vintage Shotgun Weathervane is made from 100% pure copper with solid brass and copper components.  It comes  with a sturdy, stainless steel and brass assembly rod, making it rust-  and maintenance-free.

Overall length of the shotgun is 44″.  Comes with a roof mount.

Very popular with clubs and private property owners.