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Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!

The UPSS --Real Instant Feedback Training (RIFT)!

The Ultimate Practice Shooting System is all about becoming a better shot. The more time you spend in practice, the better shot you will be. 

With the Ultimate Practice Shooting System you get Real Instant Feedback Training (RIFT).  In other words, you can see exactly where you shoot as soon as you shoot -- INSTANT FEEDBACK!  You can answer all these questions when you get real instant feedback:

  • Are you leading the target?
  • Are you stopping your gun?
  • Is your gun speed too slow?
  • Are you coming off the gun after the shot?
  • Are you shooting over or under the target?
  • Are you following through after the shot?
  • Are you slowing down your follow-through? 
  • Is your follow-through getting lazy and falling off the line of flight?
  • Are you shooting too late?

All of these faults and more are indicated instantly at your shot.  As you improve you will notice your faults disappearing.  As your skill level increases you will naturally want to increase the challenge -- faster target speed and direction -- thereby working in an area of skill that you never thought possible. 

Every athlete knows that repetitions are required for developing the muscle memory that leads to success in a sport.  It's no different for the shooting sports.  If  you practice 10-15 minutes a day with our system, you will shoot about 200 shots; in 5 days you will shoot your own gun 1000 times. That's 1000 repetitions closer to becoming the instinctual great shot you are capable of becoming.   



Projecting the "Double" selection on the LaserPro Moving Target Projector allows the practicing shooter to see the lead and shoot at the forward target.  As the target speed increases, the established lead increases.

The Ultimate Practice Shooting System (UPSS) consists of four components:

  • LaserShooter (Red, Green) (4 Gauge Sizes: 12, 20, 28, 410)
  • LaserPro
  • Wobbler
  • Banner

Options include a Trigger Switch and a Bang Box for use with the LaserShooter, and 50" or 57"  Tripod for the LaserPro. 

Packages offer the BEST DEALS!

Each part of the UPSS is described in detail below.  Check out the video first to get an overview of how the system works.





Watch this video about the Ultimate Practice Shooting System 

Practice your Mount and Swing with the LaserShooter!

The LaserShooter is the one necessary component of the Ultimate Practice Shooting System. It fits into the muzzle of your own gun and you can practice shooting at stationary or moving targets repeatedly, building your muscle memory so that shooting becomes instinctive and habitual.   It's all about the repetitions!

In addition to using the LaserShooter for shotgun shooting practice, it is also a great tool for determining GUN FIT! 

The LaserShooter comes in red or green laser lights and four (4) gauge sizes (12, 20, 28, 410). 

It comes standard with a Finger Ring which you place on your trigger finger; when you touch the finger ring to the gun trigger, it completes the circuit and shoots the LaserShooter.

An optional TRIGGER SWITCH is also available and is a must for people who own Benellis, Franchis, Blasers and some Brownings that have non-conductive coatings on their internals that exclude the standard electronic ground system from working.  Also great for trap shooters who like to rest their finger on the trigger before shooting.

A BANG BOX is available to make your shooting practice sessions seem just a little more real. By attaching the Bang Box to your LaserShooter, you will hear the shot sound when you “pull” the trigger and fire the laser. 

The LaserShooter is patented - U.S. Patent # 9,243,860.


LaserShooter - Outside the Box


Both the Red and the Green LaserShooters come in a durable plastic box. 

LaserShooter - inside the box

LaserShooter itself, the package includes your choice of 4 gauge inserts, extra batteries

Includes LaserShooter with Finger Ring, your choice of gauge inserts, extra batteries, adjustment wrench and instructions.

4 Gauge inserts


The LaserShooter comes in 4 gauge sizes (12, 20, 28 and 410) which are usable for all gauges (from 10 gauge to 410).

Red LaserShooter


Both LaserShooters can be used indoors, in poor ambient conditions and outside, but the Green LaserShooter is considerably brighter. 

Green LaserShooter


For two shooters practicing competitive shooting together, one person can use the Red LaserShooter and one the Green LaserShooter so it is easier to distinguish who is closest to the  target. 

Green Laser is very bright


The Green LaserShooter (GLS) is brighter, longer because of the battery size, and more expensive than the Red LaserShooter (RLS). 

Inserting Lasershooter


The LaserShooter fits into the muzzle of a shotgun and centers itself perfectly to ensure continuous, accurate alignment from gun to target. 

Lasershooter w/ Finger Ring


The LaserShooter comes standard with a Finger Ring which you touch to the trigger to complete the electric circuit that fires the laser. 

Lasershooter w/ Trigger Switch


For guns that have a non-conductive coating on them, including Benellis, Franchis, Blasers and some Brownings, the Finger Ring won’t work and you’ll need to buy the Trigger Switch.

bang box makes shooting sound


If you can’t stand the thought of shooting without the BANG, we can accommodate you.  Our BANG BOX adds a touch of realism to your practice by emitting a "bang" sound each time you practice shooting your LaserShooter. 

Attach Bang Box to shirt


Attach the Bang Box to your shirt pocket or place it on a nearby table, and you’ll hear the shot as soon as you fire the LaserShooter. 

great for gun fit


The LASERSHOOTER allows shooters to check the accuracy of their gun fit, improve gun-mount technique and practice gun swing. 

Shoot at all kinds of moving targets with our LaserPro!


The LASERPRO (WHITE LIGHTNING MOVING TARGET PROJECTOR) allows you to practice  shooting at an infinite variety of moving targets with your own shotgun or pistol.

Used together with the RED or GREEN LASERSHOOTER, the LASERPRO provides you with moving targets so you can perfect your shotgun mount and swing for all the shooting sports — skeet, trap, sporting clays, five stand, or live bird shooting  Reproduce sporting clays chandelles, a simulpair, jumping teal and overhead driven birds, or any crossing target for the bird hunter.  Practice is interesting and challenging and you can watch your skills evolve as you increase the target speed and direction.  

For the FITASC shooter, where the swing and mount are paramount to success, there is no better method of training.

Used with the PISTOLERO PISTOLASER for pistol practice, the LASERPRO makes pistol practice shooting at a moving a reality.  You can get the trigger time essential to becoming competent in situations that require trained muscle memory for quick and accurate results.  Very popular with law enforcement, especially where practice shooting ranges only do target shooting at stationary targets. 

How the LaserPro Works

By selection, the LaserPro projects either one or two moving laser targets. With two lasers, the lead laser is the point of aim, the trailing laser is the target. With a LaserShooter in the muzzle of your gun you can see if you are firing behind, in front of, above or below the target. You can also see if you are keeping the gun moving after firing. You can adjust the speed, the direction, the window, and the angle of the moving lasers. You can also release the laser targets with a voice command (“Pull”) or automatically in a continuous loop. The LaserPro has UlltraBrite 635 NM red lasers, which are at least twice as bright as the standard red laser popular in the industry.  The LaserPro rechargeable batteries will give you about 20 hours of continuous use on a single charge. 


The LaserPro sets up in seconds and requires no power, no projector, no computer.  Simply attach the LaserPro to the included 6″ swivel tripod, place on a table about 8-10′ from your wall, turn it on for Doubles or Singles, adjust the 3 knobs to your desired speed, direction, and continuous cycle or voice command, and you’re ready to go!  Practice 10-15 minutes a day for a week and you’ll notice your hits on the range or in the field improve greatly!



Projecting the "Double" selection allows the practicing shooter to see the lead and shoot at the forward target.  As the target speed increases, the established lead increases.

LaserPro Features include:  

  • Lead is calculated automatically for speed settings
  • Infinite speed adjustments
  • Infinite variety of targets, horizontal and vertical, including overhead driven birds
  • Single or double pair targets
  • Voice activated or quick cycle
  • Any method of shooting can be practiced
  • Any mistakes made can be seen immediately and corrected


  • A 50″ TRIPOD (which telescopes from 15″ to 50″) is available as an option if you prefer a standalone unit without the need for a table.
  • The WOBBLER can be used with the LaserPro for angled, more interesting and challenging targets. 

LaserPro White Lightning


The LaserPro White Lightning Moving Target Projector projects 1 or 2 laser lights on a wall for moving target practice. 

On/Off Power Switch


The On/Off switch can be turned "On" to select Single or Double Targets.

3 knobs give many targets

LaserPro has 3 knobs to adjust speed and direction, window size, and quick cycle or voice command.

LaserPro has 3 knobs for adjusting speed and direction, window size, and quick cycle or voice command. 

Optional Stand-alone Tripods


The standard swivel tripod  that comes with the LaserPro extends to 6" and is best placed on a waist-high table. If you want the LaserPro to be freestanding and easily moved from one location to another, we have 2 options available:  a 50" Tripod and a 57" Tripod.  

Use Wobbler with LaserPro


The LaserPro throws a multitude of targets, but they are straight targets, not arched or angled the way real targets fly.  If you attach the LaserPro to the Wobbler, you will get an infinite variety of real-life clay and bird targets. 

Best Selling Package


Our most popular package, the Special Ultimate Practice Shooting System (SUPSS) includes the LaserShooter (1 Gauge)and the LaserPro in a small case. 

The Wobbler simulates real moving targets!



The WOBBLER is an oscillating device that moves your LaserPro targets back and forth and simulates realistic, challenging and unpredictable presentations than you would get by using the LaserPro alone.   The Wobbler cannot be used without the LaserPro.    Powered by 1/50/60/115v standard 3-pring plug.  Euro  adapters available when requested.   

LaserPro on Wobbler


Using the LaserPro with the Wobbler you can replicate trap, sporting clays, 5-stand or real game targets. 


The Skeet and Trap Banner puts you in the zone!

Be "on" the Skeet Range when you practice at home!

The SKEET AND TRAP BANNER completes the Ultimate Practice Shooting System and is great for practicing your skeet or trap shooting as though you were on an actual range.

Flexible, lightweight and easy to roll up, the banner is 9′ x 54″ and can be hung on any wall with the sturdy brass grommets along the top and sides of the Banner. 

The LaserPro can easily be adjusted so that the laser light appears to fire from the high and low skeet houses or from the trap house.  

Very popular with clubs and skeet and trap youth teams.