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Products designed to make you a better shooter, instructor, gunfitter!


The Shooting Instructors & Gunfitters Kits include all of our measuring instruments and shotgun practice and training tools in our Gun Fitter’s Case, which makes it easy to carry all the tools instructors or gun fitters require when performing their teaching or measuring tasks.  The Gun Fitter’s Case is capable of holding:    

  • Red LaserShooter (all gauges)
  • LaserPro
  • Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension
  • BoreMaster with Barrel Wall Thickness Kit and all four (4) Calibration Rings (12, 20, 28 and 410)
  • (2) Gun Cradles which convert the case to a Gun Rest

The Gun Cradles secure your gun in the horizontal position for measuring, cleaning or repairing, eliminating the possibility of damaging or scratching as a result of your activities. You can forget the days of laying an expensive gun on a car hood or arms of a chair in an attempt to measure a gun without damaging it.

The Gun Fitter’s Case is canvas and leather on the outside. The interior is carefully constructed of green felt covered hardwood with all brass hardware for years of service.  The case has a combination lock which customer sets.  Case dimensions are 32-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ x 4″.

All KITS include Kit 1 — the Gun Fitter’s Case, 2 Gun Cradles, and the Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension.

Kit 1: Case with 2 Gun Cradles and Combo Gauge with Extension

Kit 2: Kit 1 plus Red LaserShooter (4 Ga) 

Kit 3: Kit 1 plus Red LaserShooter (4 Ga) LaserPro

Kit 4: Kit 1 plus BoreMaster with BWT Kit 4 Calibration Rings

Kit 5: Kit 1 plus Red LaserShooter (4 Ga) and BoreMaster with BWT Kit and 4 Calibration Rings

Kit 6: Kit 1 plus Red LaserShooter (4 Ga), LaserPro, BoreMaster with BWT Kit and 4 Calibration Rings 

The Best Shotgun Training & Measuring Tools for Instructors and Gun Fitters!