The Ultimate Practice Shooting System (For Shotgun)


Practice with the Ultimate Practice Shooting System and you will be a better shooter, period!  

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The Ultimate Practice Shooting System for shotgun consists of one or more of the following:

  • LaserShooter (Red, Green) (4 Gauge Sizes: 12, 20, 28, 410)
  • LaserPro
  • Wobbler
  • Banner
  • Options include a Trigger Switch and a Bang Box for use with the LaserShooter, and 50″ Tripod for the LaserPro.

Watch Video to See How the Ultimate Practice Shooting System Works!


The LASERSHOOTER fits into the muzzle of your own gun and you can practice shooting at stationary or moving targets repeatedly, building your muscle memory so that shooting becomes instinctive and habitual.

You can practice in your own home without the expense of ammo or the inconvenience of going to the range.  10-15 minutes of practice a day shooting your LaserShooter can make you a better shooter in no time at all!

Red LaserShooter

The LaserShooter comes in red or green laser lights and four (4) gauge sizes (12, 20, 28, 410).

           Red LaserShooter with 4 Gauges in Small Case

Green LaserShooter with 4 Gauges in Case

Green LaserShooter Inserted in Gun Barrel Showing Laser Light

The LaserShooter comes standard with a Finger Ring which you place on your trigger finger; when you touch the finger ring to the gun trigger, it completes the circuit and shoots the LaserShooter.

An optional TRIGGER SWITCH is also available and is a must for people who own Benellis, Franchis, Blasers and some Brownings that have non-conductive coatings on their internals that exclude the standard electronic ground system from working.  Also great for trap shooters who like to rest their finger on the trigger before shooting.  Click here to watch the video about the Trigger Switch.


Repeatedly mounting and shooting your LaserShooter at a stationary target will help improve your gun mounting technique, but shooting at the moving targets project by our LASERPRO White Lightning Moving Target Projector will allow you to practice the entire shooting discipline of swing, mount, lead, fire and follow-through.

The LaserPro  a moving target across your wall on a continuous cycle or on voice command and you can choose the direction of the target (from left to right or right to left, up and down, or quartering), the speed (slow to fast), the window (up to 120°), and either one or two laser light targets.

50″ Tripod Optional

The LaserPro attaches to a 6″ swivel tripod and can be placed on any standard table about 8 to 10 feet from your wall.  An optional 50″ TRIPOD is also available, allowing you to simply place the tripod on the floor.


The LaserPro can be attached to our WOBBLER, an oscillating device which moves your LaserPro targets back and forth and presents more challenging and unpredictable presentations.

Replicates trap and sporting clays and 5-stand or real game  targets more realistically than the targets presented by the LaserPro alone.


The SKEET AND TRAP BANNER completes the Ultimate Practice Shooting System and is great for practicing your skeet or trap shooting as though you were on an actual range.

Flexible, lightweight and easy to roll up, the banner is 9′ x 54″ and can be hung on any wall with the sturdy brass grommets along the top and sides of the Banner.  The LaserPro can easily be adjusted so that the laser light appears to fire from the high and low skeet houses or from the trap house.  Very popular with clubs and skeet and trap youth teams.


All Laser Shooting products can be purchased individually, but we also offer packages that combine the products in different size cases at discounted prices.

SPECIAL – Most Popular Package:  Red LaserShooter and LaserPro in Medium Case ($479)

Special:  LaserShooter (one gauge) and LaserPro in Small Case (Special) ($479)

BASIC UPSS (BUPS):  LaserShooter (Red, Green, or Both in 12, 12 & 20 or all 4 — 12, 20, 28, 410 — gauges) and LaserPro in Large Pro-Kit Case ($515 – $892)

PLUS UPSS (PUPS):  LaserShooter and LaserPro in Large Pro-Kit Case, plus Wobbler and Banner ($969 – $1068)

COMPETITION UPSS (CUPS):  2 LaserShooters (Red and Green in all 4 Gauges), LaserPro(s) — 1, or 2 for practicing Doubles — and Wobbler in Extra Large Super Pro-Kit Case, plus Banner ($1498 – $1798)


If you want to hear your “shot,” our BANG BOX attaches to your LaserShooter and makes a sound when you “pull” the trigger and fire the laser.   Watch the Bang Box video here!

Adds a touch of realism and fun to your practice shooting!


Instructions and Tips (Download pdf documents)