Our Laser Practice Shooting Systems give you the tools required to practice shooting using your own gun, in your own home, without the bang or the buck!

Our Shotgun Measuring Tools can tell you everything you need to know about your shotgun:  all the inside and outside dimensions!  

We also offer Gun Rests, Gun Grease, Gun Wipes, Gun Magnets, Wad Removers and Shotgun Weathervanes.

See how our Ultimate Practice Shooting System (UPSS) works in this quick introductory video!

Shotgun Practice Without the Bang or the Buck!

Laser practice shooting is a great way to improve your shooting skills!

Consisting of the LaserShooter, LaserPro, Wobbler, and Skeet & Trap Banner, Our Ultimate Practice Shooting System lets you practice shotgun shooting using your own gun, in your own home -- without the bang or the buck, meaning no loud shotgun noiseounds and no need to spend money on ammo or going to the range.  

You can simulate any kind of shotgun shooting, whether it's skeet, trap, sporting clays, five-stand, or live bird shooting.  It's easy and convenient, and whether you're a beginner or a pro, there is no better way to get your repetitions to build muscle memory than to practice with our Ultimate Practice Shooting System (UPSS, for short).   Use the LaserShooter to practice your mount and swing (also great for gun fit), the LaserPro if you want to shoot at a moving target, the Wobbler for more challenging and unpredictable arched or angled targets, and the Skeet and Trap Banner to put you in the zone.  


No question that, with a little practice, you will become a better shooter when you use the UPSS! With over 6000 systems in use around the world, we are confident that the UPSS will work for you. But don't simply take our word for it; read the Testimonials and Reviews to see what others have to say! 

Consider purchasing one of our UPSS packages, which combine the LaserShooter and LaserPro in a variety of forms and with better pricing than if any of the components are purchased individually.  


UPSS Packages: Best Bang for the BUCK!

Special UPSS


Special UPSS includes LaserShooter (1 Gauge) and LaserPro in Small Case.  Our MOST POPULAR PACKAGE.  

$479 - $574

Basic UPSS


Basic UPSS includes Red, Green or Both LaserShooters (1-4 Gauges) and LaserPro in Large Pro-Kit Case.                     

$515 - $892



Plus UPSS includes Red, Green or Both Red & Green LaserShooters (1-4 Gauges), LaserPro in Large Pro-Kit Case, and Wobbler and Banner outside of Case.

$969 - $1413

Competition UPSS


Competition UPSS  includes both Red and Green LaserShooters (all Gauges), 1 or 2 LaserPros, and Wobbler in Super Pro-Kit Case, and Banner outside the Case. The Whole Kit and Kaboodle!

$1498 - $1798

Lasershooter, laserpro, wobbler, banner


All kits include the gun fitter's case and the shotgun combo gauge w/ extension

  • Kit 1:  Gun Fitter's Case and Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension:  $557
  • Kit 2:: Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges:  $815
  • Kit 3:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges and LaserPro:  $1200
  • Kit 4:  Adds BoreMaster with Barrel Wall Thickness & all 4 Calibration Rings:  $1213
  • Kit 5:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges and BoreMaster:  $1099
  • Kit 5:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges, LaserPro, and BoreMaster:  $1598


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