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Laser Shotgun & Pistol Practice Systems & Shotgun Measuring Tools

Laser Shotgun & Pistol Practice Systems & Shotgun Measuring Tools

Our products are designed to make you a better shooter!


Our products are designed to make you a better shooter!


For Shotgun Practice Without the Bang or the Buck$!

The most affordable Shotgun practice laser simulator!

Consisting of the LaserShooter, LaserPro, Wobbler, and Skeet & Trap Banner, the Ultimate Practice Shooting System lets you practice shotgun shooting using your own gun, in your own home -- without the bang or the buck, meaning no bang-bang sounds and no need to spend money on ammo or going to the range.  You can simulate any kind of shotgun shooting, whether it's skeet, trap, sporting clays, five-stand, or live bird shooting.  It's easy and convenient, and whether you're a beginner or a pro, there is no better way to get your repetitions to build muscle memory than to practice with our Ultimate Practice Shooting System (UPSS, for short).   

No question that, with a little practice, you will become a better shooter when you use the UPSS! With over 6000 systems in use around the world, we are confident that the UPSS will work for you. But don't simply take our word for it; read the Testimonials and Reviews to see what others have to say! 

Consider purchasing one of our UPSS packages, which combine the LaserShooter and LaserPro in a variety of forms and with better pricing than if any of the components are purchased individually.  Click "FIND OUT MORE" for more details about the UPSS individual components and packages. 

Read more about the UPSS & Check out our Packages for Best Pricing

  • Special UPSS
  • Basic UPSS
  • Plus UPSS
  • Competition UPSS

Women & Children First

Women & G.R.I.T.S.

Women enjoying a day shooting sporting clays with the G.R.I.T.S.

Promoting the involvement of women in the shooting sports has long been an interest of Robert Louis Company. We can think of no better way to do so than to promote G.R.I.T.S., Girls Really InTo Shooting, an organization created by women, for women.

G.R.I.T.S. has many local chapters throughout the country.  Check out their website and get involved.  G.R.I.T.S. members receive special discounts on all of our products. 

Youth Groups

Training young people in the shooting sports is best with the Ultimate Practice Shooting System.

Training our youth to shoot is critical to the survival of the shooting sports.  We have had so many positive reactions from instructors and coaches and moms and dads and grandads who are sharing their love of the sport with their students and offspring.  Using the Ultimate Practice Shooting System indoors, kids learn the entire shooting discipline before they hit the range. Their success dry firing their gun indoors builds confidence and makes them more successful when live firing!   To keep our sport alive for future generations, discounts are available to youth groups, instructors and coaches.

Shooters Who Are Handicapped or Recovering from Surgery

People who love to shoot but are handicapped or recovering from surgery can use our practice system.

We get calls regularly from shooters with new rotator cuffs, new hips and knees, and repaired hernias who want to keep their shooting skills intact while recovering from surgery.  With our Ultimate Practice Shooting Systems, it is easy for healing shooters to stay in shape, even improve their performance.  No need to go to the range!  No need to use live ammo!  No need to feel the potentially injurious effects of recoil! Practice shooting while you’re recovering from surgery will build your muscle memory.  It will also help rebuild your shooting-specific muscles because you’ll be using you shooting muscles all the while you’re in the healing process.  By the time you get back on the range or in the field, no one will ever know you had been away from your sport for any length of time!

Handicapped shooters can also benefit from practicing with the Laser Shooting System.  You can easily practice while in a wheelchair or even if you’re bedridden, building your muscles and your muscle memory all at the same time.

Pistolero Pistolaser

The Pistolero PistoLaser lets pistol shooters practice shooting at home with their own gun.

Whether you are a target, instinct, or tactical shooter, the Pistolero PistoLaser lets you practice shooting with your own pistol or revolver at home, without the bang or the buck!  Your choice of 5 color-coded calibers (22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, 45). 

Pistolero Motion Shooter


The Pistolero Motion Shooter Packages combine the Pistolero with the LaserPro for moving target practice. Two packages available: PMS1 for the pistol shooter; PMS2 for the 3-gun shooter (pistol, shotgun & rifle). 

3 gun champion


The 3-Gun Champion give the pistol, shotgun and rifle shooter all of the tools needed to practice shooting with all 3 guns:  Pstolero - 5 calibers;  Red LaserShooter - 12 Gauge and .223 and .308 Rifle Inserts with Long Wire. 

Shotgun Combo Gauge


Measure all the outside dimensions of a shotgun:  Length of Pull, Drop, Pitch and Cast. 



Measures all the inside dimensions of a shotgun, Bore, Choke, Chamber Length and Dimensions, Forcing Cone, Barrel Wall Thickness. 

Gun Scale


Digital Scale that weighs up to 13 lbs. for weighing all your guns. 


All kits include the gun fitter's case and the shotgun combo gauge w/ extension

  • Kit 1:  Gun Fitter's Case and Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension
  • Kit 2:: Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges
  • Kit 3:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges and LaserPro
  • Kit 4:  Adds BoreMaster with Barrel Wall Thickness and all 4 Calibration Rings
  • Kit 5:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges and BoreMaster
  • Kit 5:  Adds Red LaserShooter with all 4 Gauges, LaserPro, and BoreMaster 

Gun Grease


 Our Best Gun Grease protects the hinge and hinge surfaces of your guns and coating the bearing surfaces will add years to their life.   4 oz. will last a long time.

Gun Wipes - pads and glove

Gun Wipes

Made of 100% pure lambskin our Gun Wipes, moistened with your favorite gun oil,  will help keep your gun in tiptop condition, preventing rust and  providing a beautiful sheen.

Gun Magnets

Magnetic Hooks and Disks for Gun Storage or Hiding

Hide and store your guns with our 44mm Disk or Hook Gun Magnets.  Made from Neodymium, our Magnets can hold up to 25 lbs. of vertical weight.

Gun RestS

Wood Gun Rest

Gun Rests hold your shotguns for hands-free measuring with the Shotgun Combo Gauge.  2 standalone Gun Rests are available: Classic Wood Gun Rest (above) and Red Plastic Gun Rest. Our Gun Fitter's Case can also be used as a Gun Rest as well as a case for storage of the Shotgun Combo Gauge and other tools. 

Wad Wacker


Wad Wacker remove stuck wads from your guns.

Shotgun Weathervane

Our L.C. Smith Vintage Shotgun Weathervane is made from 100% pure copper with solid brass and copper

Replica of an L.C. Smith Vintage Shotgun Weathervane is made from 100% pure copper with solid brass and copper components.   44" long. Roof mount included.