Pistolero Motion Shooter


PMS Kit 1Includes: Pistolero & LaserPro

PMS Kit 2Includes: Pistolero with All 5 Calibers, LaserPro, LaserShooter (12 Gauge Only), 223 & 302 Rifle Converter

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Practice shooting at stationery targets is basic and a requirement, but most of the targets that field shooters see are in motion. We’ve designed the PISTOLERO MOTION SHOOTER (PMS) so you can practice shooting at moving targets.

The PMS1 includes:

  • Pistolero (with your choice of one to five calibers)
  • LaserPro Moving Target Projector

The PMS2 includes:

  • Pistolero with all 5 Calibers
  • LaserPro Moving Target Projector
  • 12 Gauge LaserShooter for Shotgun
  • .223  and 308 Inserts for Rifle

The LaserPro sets up anywhere using the included tripod. The basic Motion Shooter gives the shooter the opportunity to laser-shoot his OWN GUN at home in tactical or instinct situations at targets set for fast or slow speeds, duplicating many field conditions. Practicing ACCURATE, fast target acquisition is the key to success in life threatening or hunting situations when muscle memory is the sole provider of accurate and fast shooting.  Ammunition expenditure and trips to the range are eliminated while practice continues whenever the shooter is ready.

Pistolero MotionShooter Caliber Options

See the review of the PMS by Will Dabbs, MD in the June 16, 2015 issue of Personal Defense World.

Hone Your Shooting Skills Indoors with the Pistolero PistoLaser Motion Shooter

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