Red LaserShooter (1 Ga) & LaserPro in Small Case – Special

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Our most popular specially-priced package combines the Red LaserShooter (one gauge) and LaserPro in a small case.



The LASERSHOOTER and LASERPRO are the primary components of the Ultimate Practice Shooting System.

Our SPECIAL includes the Red LaserShooter in a single gauge (your choice of the 4 gauges available – 12, 20, 28, 410) and the LaserPro packaged in a small, durable case.

When you shoot at the LaserPro’s moving targets with the LaserShooter placed in the muzzle of your gun, you are practicing the complete shooting discipline of swing, mount, lead, fire and follow-through.  Practicing 10-15 minutes a day with your own gun will greatly improve your shooting ability through the repetitions that develop muscle memory and make shooting instinctive and second nature.  When you get to the range, you should be able to wow your fellow shooters with your new and improved skills!

When you want a little more of a challenge, add the Wobbler to your practice sessions.  With the LaserPro attached to the Wobbler, an oscillating device that moves the LaserPro back and forth, your moving targets will be arched, unpredictable and more like real-life targets or bird shooting than using the LaserPro alone.   For the Sporting Clays and 5 Stand shooter, your swing and mount will become markedly better.  This is not smoke and mirrors. In any 15 minute practice session the shooter will average the swing and mount procedure 200 times.  In a 5 day week 1000 mounts.  That is the repetitions any athlete requires for muscle memory, muscle development and excellence in his sport.

If you want to feel like you’re at the range shooting skeet or trap, the Banner will put you in the zone!  Hang the Banner on your wall, set the LaserPro targets so they shoot from the high or low house at a speed (2-1/2 seconds) that replicates the amount of time it takes for targets to typically get from one house to the other and fire away. Most shooters miss because they linger on the target too long.  But expedient practice, i.e., forcing yourself to pick up the target faster (say before the target gets to the center trap house on the Banner) and with accuracy, will result in more hits and a significant increase in your skill level.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 7 in