The LaserPro is great for moving target practice!


The LASERPRO (WHITE LIGHTNING) MOVING TARGET PROJECTOR allows shooters to practice and perfect their gun swing for different target types and methods of shooting.

The LaserPro projects one or two moving targets in a straight line across a wall.  With the LaserShooter in the muzzle of your shotgun, you can practice your mount and swing, lead, fire and follow through repeatedly. The LaserPro provides the constant repetition needed to build your muscle memory and perfect your shooting skills.

The LaserPro has rechargeable batteries which will give about 20 hours of continuous use between charges.  Charger included.

The LaserPro comes standard with a 6″ swivel tripod for tabletop use. A 50″ TRIPOD which telescopes from 12″ to 50″ is available as an option if you prefer a standalone unit without the need for a table.

Attach the LaserPro to the Wobbler for more challenging, arched or curved shots!

LaserPro Instructions

>>Download LaserPro Instructions as a pdf

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in