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Hide or store your guns with our Maximum Hold Gun Hook and Disk Magnets!

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Hide and store your guns with our Maximum Hold 42mm Gun Magnets:

  • the Covert Undercover/Under Counter DISK Magnet and
  • the Maximum Hold HOOK Magnet

Disk Magnet

Hook Magnet








Made from Neodymium, these 42mm Rare Earth Magnets are extremely strong and support  25 lbs. of vertical weight, more than the weight of any of your guns.

Gun Attached to Disk Magnet Attached to Ceiling

The magnets will work on ferromagnetic materials only and not on aluminum, polymer and some stainless steels.

By attaching the HOOK Magnets to the inside of your gun safe door, you can hang your handguns so that they are easy to see and to access, and make efficient use of space normally not used. The Hook Magnet is so strong and powerful it can be used on safes with thin rugs, on the safe walls or doors.

Hook Magnets Attached to Gun Safe Door

Attach the DISK Magnets (with the provided screw) to the inside of your bedstand, under a counter, on a wall, in a closet, or in your vehicle and your gun will be secure, hidden and readily accessible — no one but you will know it’s there.

Handgun Mounted Inside Bedside Table

All magnets are rubber coated to protect your gun from damage.


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