Hunting Adventures

Target shooting is, of course, great fun and we can all appreciate the skill it takes to hit all those clay birds.  For shooters who also love the sport of hunting, especially bird hunting, even more skill is required to hit that fast moving, unpredictable target!  The Ultimate Practicing Shooting System — the LaserShooter, LaserPro and Wobbler — has been a godsend when  hunting season is on the horizon and I want to prepare myself for success in the field with dead on, accurate shooting!

My Drathaar (German Wirehaired Pointer), Gretel, is as well trained as I am when the pheasants start flying in the fall amidst the corn and sorghum fields at our little club in New York State.   Gretel sniffs and points and flushes and I swing/ mount and fire — somehow we have both honed our skills enough to usually go home with our limit of pheasants!

While Gretel and I are constant companions, my son Rob and I have also shared some wonderful hunting adventures, with Gretel in New York hunting pheasants, as well as our 2011 trip to Argentina with South Parana Outfitters, where we shot doves, ducks and perdiz!  Lots of birds, good accommodations and food, and great guides.  The photos below tell it all!

And just for fun, I thought I’d also share photos and a video of our boar hunt from 2009 at my favorite big game hunting venue, Wildhill Preserve, in West Fairlee, Vermont.  Wildhill no longer offers hunting, but it was once one of the best spots in New England for exciting big game hunting, comfortable lodging, good food, good company, and lots of great storytelling.  Many fond memories of our many trips to Wildhill!

Hope you enjoy your hunting adventures as much as I’ve enjoyed mine over the years!

If you’d like to share photos of any of your hunts, please email me and I’ll put them on our website for all to enjoy!



Dove, Pigeon, Perdiz, and Duck Hunt at South Parana Outfitters in Argentina
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Argentina, August 2011

The Hacienda

Wild Boar Hunting at Wildhill Preserve in West Fairlee, Vermont, Spring 2009

The Main Lodge at Wildhill Preserve


View of the 2 trout-filled ponds from the lodge

Bob and Rob flyfishing

The main lodge’s front porch provided weary hunters with a comfortable space for relaxing, enjoying the view, and reliving their hunts with fellow hunters. Dr. Rob Foege relaxes after a morning wild boar hunt.

Rob with his Boar and his Browning 30/06

Rob and his Boar!

Bob’s Boar wasn’t so bad either! The smile says it all! Especially with his original Winchester M95, 30/40 Krag. 220 grain Remington Corelokt bullets shot THRU the boar. This beast topped 300 lbs.

Bob and son Rob enjoy their time together after their successful boar hunts.


The Hunter and the Hunted–Watch Boar Hunt Video Here